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You Said Yes, Now What? Planning. Lets Dive into Beauty Tips.

This day is so magical. It’s a Dream come true for every #Bride to be. A lot goes into planning a wedding:

  • colors of the theme

  • style of the wedding (boho, romantic, rustic, etc)

  • wedding venue

  • honeymoon

  • floral design

  • food catering

  • dress style

  • hair, makeup and so much more.

It’s an exciting time and for some it could be a bit overwhelming.

I’ll tell you this, with the right resources it doesn’t have to be. Imagine having all the right guidance to simplify your planning?

Lets touch on one of the most important parts of planning for your big day- #HAIR & #MAKEUP

Honestly, besides the gown... hair and makeup is a very important part of the day. Wouldn‘t you agree?

The whole look needs to be cohesive and beautiful because all eyes will be on YOU the day of your wedding.

The importance of booking a wedding preview is so underestimated. There’s a lot that goes into creating a dream look and it starts with the trial. This is where you get to consult with your #bridalstylist about your #dreamstyle and see it come together. During this time, you make all the necessary adjustments so that on your wedding day there are NO SURPRISES.

Take these TIPS with you to make sure your bridal preview turns out successful.

TIP 1: Realistic inspirational hairstyle photos

When choosing your dream #hairstyle for your #wedding, find photos that are not too far off from your hair color, texture, and density.

For instance, if your hair is a solid color and mid length it would not be ideal to look for bridal styles that are highlighted and long.

TIP 2: Hair Prep

When getting your hair done, it’s best to have one day of dirty hair. You might say “eww dirty hair? No way!“ But allow me to explain why it’s better to not have freshly clean hair. The hair will hold the curl better if there are natural oils in it, especially if the style is worn down.

With an exception of thin hair that gets super oily, washing it the night before would be okay.

Don‘t you worry, with a bit of dry shampoo and texturizing products your hair will not look greasy on the day of your trial or your wedding day.

For natural curly hair that tends to be more on a drier and frizzier side, my recommendation would be to not wash it for two days. It will only extend the longevity of your style.

Consider getting a professional bouncy blow dry style with minimal products. This step will ultimately create the best foundation for your perfect style.

You might ask why minimal products? Well, layering products will only weigh the style down... less is more.

TIP 3: Absolutely No Flat Iron

Flat iron is meant to flatten/straighten the hair right? When you flat iron the hair, it stretches out the hair bonds so when you go to curl the hair with a curling iron, the curl will not hold. Simple as that!

TIP 4: Highlights (OPTIONAL)

If your bridal inspiration photos are highlighted and you wish to achieve that same look, you must plan accordingly.

For instance, if you only want fewer & brighter pieces around your face or subtle highlights throughout the hair then plan to have your color service done a month prior to your bridal preview. If your goal is to get much lighter, start the process at least 4 months before.

In the meantime, take good care of your hair. Do everything that is advised by your hair colorist so that the hair stays in the best shape for your wedding day.

TIP 5: Hair Enhancements (OPTIONAL)

Hair extensions are great for adding length and body. When you stumble across a beautiful photo with fullness and length, it’s guaranteed that there are #hairextensions.

Unless the model was blessed with perfect hair. (giggle)

There are many different types of extensions; clip in, halo, wefts, tape in, and individual bonds. Wefts, tap in, and individual bonds must be professionally installed. Halo and clip in extensions are much more accessible and reusable on multiple occasions.

These are also much more affordable and cost-efficient.

If you choose to go with the clip in or halo extension, make sure to wash them at least once and hang dry them. DO NOT use the flat iron on your hair extensions for the same reason you wouldn‘t on your hair - the curl will not hold.

Make sure to bring your extensions the day of your trial. Without them, your look may not be totally satisfactory.

TIP 6: Hair Accessories and Veil

It’s essential to have all your #hairaccessories & your veil for your trial.

If you are in need of a place to shop for your bridal accessories, this is a great place to start


Just like makeup, hair accessories complete the look. It draws a focal point to that specific area and brings so much beauty and grace to the style.

Let’s take this photo for example, hair accessories vs none. If you are like most brides, you will choose the one that’s on the right.

TIP 7: Come with Makeup On

There is something about having a little bit of make up on that makes us all feel complete. Don’t you agree? Whether it is a little bit of mascara and lip gloss or full on glam makeup.

When you have your bridal trial schedule, come with makeup on as this will help you visualize yourself on the day off your wedding. Now if your makeup trial is set for the same day, GREAT! You don’t have to do anything.

If you are planning your wedding in Arizona and looking for a #MUA check out

Be prepared to be photographed. Your hairstylist & makeup artist will take multiple photos of the finished look to reference back.

TIP 8: Have All Your Details for Your Contract

During your trial run you will need to have all the details of your wedding in order to secure the date. These are the things you will need to have:

  • Location of the venue

  • Time to be ready by

  • Total number of ladies in the party

  • How many ladies will use hair extensions

So here you have it! I hope these tips will come in handy for you & you will feel more prepared for your bridal preview. Enjoy your experience by connecting with your bridal vendors.


One more nugget, plan out your trial no sooner than 4 months before your wedding. The reason for that is your length and color of your hair may change. This also will save you from spending more money on multiple trials.

Congratulations and All the Warmest Wishes on your Big Day!

All the best, Julia

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