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Best Tips on How to Book a Bridal Hairstylist for your Wedding

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Whether you’re in the midst of planning a large soirèe or a more intimate gathering, you’ll want to look your best when you say “I do.”

While bridal hair and makeup may not be the first thing your mind goes to after getting engaged, it’s important to address your bridal look sooner rather than later. After all, you’ll be photographed all day long on your wedding day, and those memories will live on for years to come!

If the idea of booking a bridal hairstylist is overwhelming, have no fear. I’ve compiled a step-by-step guide to finding and booking the bridal hairstylist that’s right for you!

before and after of our beautiful modern bride

Makeup by Donna Wegmann

Hair by me

Do your research.

The first, and arguably the most important, step in booking a bridal hairstylist is to conduct research. You can search on bridal websites such as The Knot and Zola to find stylists in your location, as well as Pinterest, Instagram and even TikTok!

When researching a stylist, be sure to look at a number of factors:

  • Services: Do they offer bridal styling to begin with? Some hairstylists do not offer bridal services, while others exclusively offer bridal. Do they work freelance, or as part of a salon or wedding company in your area? Even if you love someone’s work, be sure they offer the right kind of service you’ll need for your big day. Bridal styling requires more time, attention and care than a standard haircut appointment.

  • Reputability: Is the stylist you have in mind reputable? One way to know is to read their reviews and testimonials to learn about other brides’ experiences with them. Trust your gut; if the stylist does not appear to be reputable, it’s best to look elsewhere.

  • Location: Do they offer on-location services? Is their salon or studio located near your wedding venue? If they’re not local, are they willing to travel? What are the applicable travel fees?

  • Availability: If your preferred stylist offers bridal services and appears to be in a location that’s convenient for you, it’s important to contact them about their availability as soon as possible to ensure they are available for your wedding date.

Consider your budget

While it’s important to have an idea of what you’d like to spend on your bridal hairstyling services, it’s also important to know that the cost of bridal services will vary from stylist to stylist. Many stylists offer bridal packages that include much more than the day-of hairstyling service. Bridal packages provide value and peace of mind to the bride at a flat rate. If you’re interested in learning more about my bridal packages, you can view them here.

When reaching out to a stylist regarding their availability, this is also a good time to inquire about their rates. If their rates and your budget align, you’re ready to take the next step in the booking process!

Schedule a consultation.

Your bridal hair consultation differs from your bridal hair preview or trial (more on that in a moment). A consultation typically happens over the phone, and is a chance for you to learn more about the stylist and their services or packages. It’s also a chance for the stylist to learn about your hair type, what your wedding vibe is, and what you’re envisioning for your big day.

Your stylist may ask you to provide current photos of your hair, as well as inspiration photos. I recommend having these photos ready to go ahead of time so you can share them with your stylist during your consultation, and revisit them during your bridal preview.

Discuss the details

During your consultation, don’t be afraid to get into the nitty-gritty details of your envisioned bridal hairstyle! Be sure to go over details such as:

  • Your hair type and any concerns - “my hair has trouble holding a curl,” or “I struggle with frizz.”

  • If you plan on changing your hair color between now and the wedding.

  • If you’d like to explore extensions for your bridal hair, or already have extensions in your hair.

  • If anyone else in your bridal party or family plans to have their hair styled day-of (this is important to share with your stylist as soon as possible, so they can book additional stylists for your party if needed).

Book a bridal preview!

After spending weeks discussing and envisioning your perfect bridal hairstyle, it’s time to watch it come to life at your bridal preview! If you’re vibing with your stylist after your consultation, they will provide their availability for you to come in for a preview, where they will use the information provided during the consultation to style your hair as it will be on your wedding day!

Your preview is a chance to not only see the style come to life, but work with your stylist to make small tweaks and adjustments to achieve your perfect bridal look. Once your preview is complete, your stylist will take photos to keep on file so that the big day is a breeze!

Here’s one of my best tips: if possible, try to coincide your bridal preview appointment with a fun date night or dinner with friends. Not only will you look beautiful, but it’s a chance to see the style in action over a few hours. If you have any concerns about your style in the hours after your bridal preview, be sure to tell your stylist right away so they can address them.

Although there are multiple steps in the bridal hair booking process, your stylist is there to support you from the first inquiry to your big day! Your research and commitment to the process will pay off when your hair is looking as gorgeous as ever on your wedding day.

I’d love to be considered as your bridal hairstylist! To work with me on your wedding day, fill out a bridal inquiry here:

Learn more about my bridal packages and services, as well as my bridal FAQs.

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