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Lived In Styles

Lived In Styles: Enjoy A Fresh Look From New Day New Hair!

We have always dreamed of effortless hair that looks as great in the morning as it does after we prepare for the day. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find Glendale hair salons that specialize in styles. Enter Julia Vargas, an independent stylist at New Day New Hair.

Julia Vargas at New Day New Hair specialize in lived-in, effective, and luxurious lifestyles that customers in the area have been going wild over.


Lived In Styles 101: What To Expect at New Day New Hair

When it comes time to get the hair cut of our dreams, it can be helpful to find professional Glendale hair salons with an experienced stylist on hand. New Day New Hair is headlined by Julia Vargas, an independent stylist who has been practicing since 2005. With 12 years of expertise at a high-end salon in Chicago, Julia has the industry experience and expertise to help any client.

When we discuss lived in styles, we are largely talking about approachable hair that has been styled for maximum convenience. Living in styles shows us at our best without the effort that comes along with it. Working with an independent stylist like Julia can be the perfect way to begin a total hair care makeover.

Here are a few ways New Day New Hair can guarantee customer satisfaction with every single appointment.

  • Lived-in Effortless Styling - New Day New Hair offers women's haircuts starting at $60 an hour. Each effortless style is maximized by modern salon techniques. 

  • Convenient Booking Options - Whether we want to book an appointment today or schedule a consultation, New Day New Hair has everything available through the official website. Click the service that is desired and enjoy!


Don't try your luck at any random Glendale hair salons. Instead, get your life in styles performed by the salon that locals trust. Call New Day New Hair, today!

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