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Custom Hair Cuts

New Day New Hair: Custom Hair Cuts That Will Leave You Glowing!

There are few better ways to start the day than by receiving a compliment about your hair. Great hair days can lead to a boost in our confidence, a boon to our self-esteem, and an overall change in how we approach our day. With that being said, we can't just trust our hair to any local hair salon. Instead, we need to head to New Day New Hair for expert custom hair cuts from a local hair salon that cares.

Enjoy Custom Cuts From New Day New Hair

New Day New Hair was founded by stylist Julia Vargas to capture and share modern styling trends with clients throughout the area. An independent stylist who has been practicing in the field since 2005, Julia Vargas at New Day New Hair is uniquely qualified to provide support to her clients in several different avenues.

For an exciting and invigorating hair appointment, consider the following services!

  • Custom Hair Cuts - Julia Vargas at New Day New Hair believes that a lived-in hairstyle should look as unique as it does effortlessly. Julia utilizes modern styling techniques to provide the custom hair cuts her clients need to feel great about how they look. Each appointment comes with a wash, hot towel wrap and style included.

  • Event Hairstyling - Whether we are preparing for a prom or a walk down the red carpet, we need to feel confident in our hair. Julia at New Day New Hair provides glamorous and luxurious styling no matter the occasion.

  • Hair Enhancement - Julia is Certified in Dream Catcher Extensions and ready to help her clients to look their best. Find confidence and comfort in the hair enhancements that matter most!


To enjoy custom hair cuts from a professional local hair salon, contact New Day New Hair to schedule a consultation or appointment. Looking our best has never been so easy!

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