Bridal Hair

New Day New Hair Offers Stunning Bridal Hair and Wedding Grooming Services!

When the time comes to walk down the aisle, we owe it to ourselves to look as great as we feel. Every bride and groom will dream about their wedding day, and at New Day New Hair the focus is on helping those dreams come to life through wedding grooming and bridal hair services.

New Day New Hair is owned and operated by Julia Vargas, an independent stylist with experience dating back to 2005. After spending 12 years working at a high-end salon in Chicago, including forays into fashion week in both Chicago and Phoenix, Julia is ready to help bridal parties in her area look their best when their special day approaches.

Hire New Day New Hair For Wedding Grooming Specials!

Looking our best on the day of our wedding is not just a goal, it is a challenge. On our special day, it can become easy to lose track of what we need to get done. It can also be easy to feel overwhelmed when we have to juggle a dozen different wedding-related tasks at the same time. Cross one burden off of your list by hiring New Day New Hair for a bridal consultation and bridal hair service.

Bridal consultation services allow Julia to interface directly with her clients. During this phase, clients can order a bridal preview so that they can see first-hand how their look will appear on the day of their wedding. Select an inspiration photo to match your hair type and let Julia take care of the rest.

Bridal hair and wedding grooming services are available at New Day New Hair through their online booking menu. Contact Julia directly with questions regarding personalized care services. A better brand of wedding care is just a message away!