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Hair Creator

Every person wants to feel their best, and Julia Vargas works to bring out the best in every person. Being passionate about learning and bringing modern trends in the styling industry to her clients, she ensures that she stays up to date.

As an independent stylist, she works to not only perfect her skills, but also hone-in on the specialty of knowing what each of her client’s want, to make them, not only look beautiful, but feel beautiful.

Working in this niche on her own since March 2019 but being a stylist since 2005, she enjoys the work she does, as well as the many people she meets. She previously worked for a high-end salon in Chicago for 12 years, offering haircuts, specialized hair styles, and a series of other services.

She’s worked behind the scenes of Chicago and Phoenix’s fashion weeks, offering styling advice and work on many of the models that walked the runway.

Thinking of many of her clients as friends, she enjoys their company and learning more about them. She also offers advice to help her clients leave feeling like they can style their hair and look their best.

Offering a tranquil, relaxed environment; she invites her clients to come in to unwind and get the pampering they want and deserve.

Julia specializes in bridal hair and customized haircuts, but she is able to provide a number of artistic and creative approaches to ensure that you get the look you desire.

Want to know more about Julia and see if she fits the needs you have? Give her a call to book an appointment today!

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